Reading – Wail

by Kenzie McLaughlin

I didn’t know what to expect from the book, yet after I finished reading it, I have to say, the experience was thrilling. No vampires, no wolfs, nor medieval knights, no Mary Sue and definitely no Gary Sue, and the best thing is, that the ending wasn’t completely idiotic.

I enjoyed the normality, the realism of Clotilde’s struggle. The simple fact that she wasn’t some sort of a Barbie doll type person, who gets every single thing she wants, brings enjoyment to the reader. In some parts I understood her anxiety, her problem of being invisible, although not in a magical way, but still so pressing. There were some parts when I understood even Kevin’s feelings.

We are pretty much invisible for each other, and the fact that Clotilde went to London, trying to make it in the big city, made her even more of a shadow.

I liked the description of the book:”it’s a story about friendship and death, not necessary in that order”. While my reading was in progress, I understood that I’m not reading some magical/fantasy/horror story, but more like a psychological thriller.

I wouldn’t change a thing, even though I think that the ending was a bit rushed.

I definitely recommend this book for all those who enjoy some quality reading.










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